1.6.4 2017-11-05
Fixed: Stop shlideshow on change album or press arrow keys. View issue #63
1.6.2 2017-05-08
Fixed: Style of cursor for draggable images. View issue #57
Modif: Closing full-screen mode on ESC. View issue #57
1.6.1 2017-02-04
Fixed: Issue: Creating a gallery by API causes gallery to disappear when shrinking #56
1.6.0 2016-11-24
Added: API to creating gallery without HTML elements
1.5.6 2016-08-22
Fixed: Vertically scrolling on touch devices
1.5.5 2015-07-28
Added: Arguments "link" and "thumbnail" for callback functions afterLoadPhoto, beforeLoadPhoto and showPhoto.
1.5.4 2015-07-02
Modif: Update dependencies: touchswipe plugin.
Modif: Showing navigation of preview, when dragging preview.
Fixed: Preloader for next/prev photo.
1.5.3 2015-02-11
Added: Prev/next photo loading.
1.5.2 2015-01-13
Fixed: Toggling and scrolling thumbnails.
1.5.1 2015-01-12
Added: Overlay for thumbnails when loading photos.
1.5.0 2014-12-18
Added: Swipe/touch events for mobile devices.
Added: Links for slider mode.
Added: 'draggableZoomHideNavigationOnMobile', 'maxMobileWidth', 'swipeEvents', 'thumbnailsHideOnMobile' parameters.
Modif: Default value of 'transition' parameter(old value: 'moveToRight_moveFromLeft', new value: 'moveToLeft_moveFromRight').
1.4.1 2014-11-18
Added: RequireJS
Added: getTransitions() method.
Modif: No waiting for $(document).ready to initializing jGallery.
Fixed: Title background of photos for slider mode.
Fixed: Navigation for zoom draggable.
Fixed: Cropping thumbnails when their height === width.
Fixed: Changing width or height of existing jGallery.
1.4.0 2014-10-23
Added: Tooltips for icons('tooltipClose', 'tooltipFullScreen', 'tooltipRandom', 'tooltips', 'tooltipSeeAllPhotos', 'tooltipSeeOtherAlbums', 'tooltipSlideshow', 'tooltipToggleThumbnails', 'tooltipZoom' parameters).
Added: New default value, 'auto', for 'transitionBackward' parameter.
Added: CSS classes for html element.
Added: Methods for jQuery jGallery objects: getDefaults, restoreDefaults, getOptions, destroy.
Modif: Default value of 'mode' parameter: 'standard'.
Modif: Default value of 'canChangeMode' parameter: true.
Modif: Default value of 'autostart' parameter: true.
Modif: Default value of 'canClose' parameter: false.
Modif: Default value of 'transitionRows' parameter: 1.
Modif: 'showTimigFunction' and 'hideTimingFunction' parameters has been replaced on 'transitionTimingFunction'.
Modif: 'canResize' parameter has been replaced on 'canZoom'.
Fixed: Disabling jGallery on IE8 and older.
Fixed: Size of thmubnails on full-screen.
1.3.4 2014-08-19
Added: Captions of images for slider mode.
Fixed: Slideshow icons for slider mode.
1.3.3 2014-08-19
Added: 'titleExpanded' parameter(default: false).
Modif: Pause slideshow when you click on zoom icon or draging of image.
Fixed: Title of image overlap navigation icons.
1.3.2 2014-06-16
Fixed: Too many calls to history.pushState().
Fixed: Random transition effect.
1.3.1 2014-06-11
Modif: Updated Font Awesome to 4.1.0.
Modif: Removed delay when photo was loaded successfully.
Modif: Default value of 'transitionBackward' parameter for slider mode: 'rotateCubeRightOut_rotateCubeRightIn'.
Fixed: Arrow up for vertical thumbnails.
Fixed: Detecting url when 'autostart' and 'browserHistory' are enabled.
1.3.0 2014-05-18
Added: 'browserHistory' parameter(default: true for full-screen mode, false for standard/slider mode).
Added: 'hideThumbnailsOnInit' parameter(default: false).
Added: 'transitionBackward' parameter(default: moveToLeft_moveFromRight).
Removed: 'slideshowRandomAutostart' parameter.
Modif: First show photo animation removed.
Modif: Random icon is hidden when slideshow is stopped.
Modif: Default thumbnail size(75px).
Fixed: Thumbnails size when thumbnail width and height are different.
1.2.0 2014-04-28
Added: Draggable zoom parameter(default: true).
Added: Scrolling for menu of albums.
Modif: If image is wider or higher than container for gallery you can see image in original size.
Modif: restyled thumbnails.
Fixed: No bind click event for links which don't have img element.
1.1.6 2014-03-27
Added: 'canChangeMode' parameter(default: false).
Modif: Changed 'disabledOnIE7AndOlder' parameter to 'disabledOnIE8AndOlder'.
Fixed: Loading preview photo when album/gallery has only one photo.
Fixed: Binding event click for reloaded thumbnails.
Fixed: You can call jGallery function before loading the document.
1.1.5 2014-03-20
Added: 'reloadThumbnails' parameter(default: true). Reload thumbnails when function jGallery() is called again for the same item.
1.1.4 2014-03-16
Fixed: Hiding jGallery container.
Fixed: Image preview(backface visibility).
Fixed: Croping rectangle thumbnails.
Fixed: Background color of elements on dropdown menu for change album.
1.1.3 2014-02-27
Fixed: Transition effects.
Fixed: Progress spinner position.
1.1.2 2014-02-25
Added: Css class prefixes(bootstrap no conflict).
Fixed: 'canClose' parameter.
1.1.1 2014-02-17
Added: 'autostartAtImage' and 'autostartAtAlbum' parameters.
Fixed: Storage options for more than one jgallery.
1.1.0 2014-02-12
Added: Display mode — 'mode' parameter. Possible values: full-screen(default), standard, slider.
Added: Icon to minimizing thumbnails — 'canMinimalizeThumbnails' parameter.
Added: 'appendTo' parameter that determines where the html gallery will be added.
Fixed: 'transitionDuration' parameter.
1.0.2 2014-01-06
Fixed: Color of active item on dropdown menu for change album.
1.0.1 2014-01-03
Fixed: Show title of album next to icon for change album.
Fixed: Thumbnails full screen view.
1.0 2014-01-01
Added: New transition effects.
Added: Value 'random' for 'transition' parameter.
Added: Parameters 'transition', 'transitionWaveDirection', 'transitionCols' and 'transitionRows'.
Removed: Parameters 'titleShowEffect', 'titleHideEffect', 'titleShowTimingFunction', 'titleHideTimingFunction', 'titleShowDuration', 'titleHideDuration', 'showEffect', 'hideEffect', 'showDuration', 'hideDuration'.
Modif: Change values of 'zoomSize' parameter.
Fixed: Customization of colors, when there is more than one Jgallery on one side.
Fixed: Navigation visibility when jgallery doesn't contains any album.
Modif: Partial refactoring.
0.9.6 2013-11-22
Fixed: Visibility of navigation when jgallery doesn't contains any album.
Fixed: Dropdowns for changing albums.
Fixed: Visibility of thumbnails after changing album.
Modif: Partial refactoring.
0.9.5 2013-11-15
Fixed: Visibility of spinner.
Modif: Partial refactoring.
0.9.4 2013-11-08
Fixed: No thumbs when jgallery contains only one album.
0.9.3 2013-11-06
Fixed: Jquery compatibility fix; now jgallery work with jquery 1.7 and higher.
0.9.2 2013-10-29
Added: Parameters 'backgroundColor' and 'textColor'.
Removed: Parameters 'descriptions' and 'theme'.
Modif: Click on the left side of the photo shows the previous photo, click on the right shows next.
Fixed: Preloading preview photo on IE and Android.
Fixed: Preloading thumbnails.
0.9.1 2013-10-16
Added: LESS css.
Added: Can change parameters after initialization jGallery.
Added: Select albums on full screen thumbnails view.
Added: Can create multiple jGallery.
Modif: Design lifting.
Modif: Disabling percentage progress in preloader when preloadAll parameter set as false.
Fixed: Navigation of thumbnails when more than one album has the same photo.
Fixed: Showing thumbnails when jGallery contains only one album.
0.9 2013-08-19
Release of the first version.